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Health Info

A lot of visitors get ill in India due to poor hygiene, untreated water, mosquitoes and undressed open cuts. So, it is essential for the visitors to keep high resistance to such health risks to avoid any health problems that could ruin the excitement of the visit.


Get enough sleep and rest, especially in a hot climate.

A poor diet lowers your resistance, so take a good diet every day but avoid eating too much.

Make sure you take enough salt and drink enough water.

Be particularly wary of prepared dishes that have to be reheated.

Avoid salads unless you know they have been soaked in iodine or potassium permanganate.

Wash your hands properly and treat all the cuts with iodine or antiseptic.

Never share a razor or toothbrush with anyone.

Always keep hypodermic needles, sterilized skin wipes, antiseptic cream, plasters and sealed bandages with you.

If you are going on a long trip, have a dental check-up done before you leave.

Pain balm or dried soap can be of great help.


Inoculations for meningitis, typhoid and hepatitis A are recommended.

All vaccinations are available in big cities but make sure the needle is new.

Hepatitis B is not the worst disease you can catch in India. Havrix vaccine has been very effective.

Vaccination for typhoid can be taken by injection or through tablets.

If you get cholera, take copious amount of water with rehydration salt and seek immediate medical help.

You should get tetanus booster before coming to India.

To avoid rabies, it is advisable not to play with animals.

Heat Trouble

Cool showers, zinc oxide powder and loose cotton clothes help to fight scorching heat. Make sure you are drinking enough water and taking rehydration salt frequently. A light hat could be of great help, especially when you are doing a lot of walking around.

Getting Medical Help

In case of minor health problems, consult the pharmacist. Most medicines are available in medical shops and are made as per IP standards. Private clinics and mission run hospitals are better than state-run ones.
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