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Passport Info


Here you'll find all the information you need about passports. For Indian citizens :- rules and conditions, how to procure a new passport or renew the old one.


First time applicant Urgent passport Passport for minors
ECNR stamp Emigration clearance rules Fees
Original Documents Issue of passport Delivery of Passport
Tatkal Scheme Damaged or Lost Passport Expired passport
Change of name Change of address Documents Required

First Time Applicant

PassportAn application for a passport may be submitted personally OR through a representative carrying an authority letter OR by registered post in which case a Gazetted Officer should attest all documents.

While applying for fresh passport attach two copies of the following documents:

1. Applicant's ration card OR any one of the following document:
Appointment letter of reputed company on letter head / water tax bill / telephone bill / electricity bill / running bank account / income tax assessment order of last three years / election commission ID card or ration card. Please note that the address reflecting on the above documents should show the present address and also that the person is staying there for the last 1 (one) year at least.

2. Proof of date of birth
Birth certificate issued by a municipal authority or school certificate on which date of birth is mentioned ( ex.: Class 10th certificate from CBSE)

3. If the person is eligible for ECNR - attach attested copy of supporting documents.

4. If the person is working with Govt. of India - NOC (No Objection Certificate) is required.

5. Seven (7) coloured photographs.

Urgent Passport

An out of turn passport is issued only in cases of specified emergencies, on produce of documentary evidence.
Verification certificate required (as per specimen at Annexure G of the application form) from any officer of the rank of Deputy Secretary and above in the Central Government or equivalent in the State Government, Colonel and above or its equivalent in Air Force and Navy, General Manager of a Public Sector Undertaking, Sub-Divisional Magistrate, SSP of district or one of those listed in Annexure 16 of the application form). The certificate should be on official stationary with photo pasted on the certificate and attested with signature partly on the certificate and partly on photograph.
Urgent passports are usually issued for one year period.
In case of business, a letter from employer and invitation from business abroad is required. In case of medical emergency - documentary proof from recognized hospital in India or abroad.
Letter of urgency from applicants site with travel date and purpose of trip.

Passport For Minors

It is compulsory to have a separate passport for minor. A number of foreign diplomatic missions are refusing to grant visas if minors' name is included in the parents' passport. Apply for fresh passport with the following additional documents:-

Attested photocopies of parents' passports. If neither of the parents has passport, then an affidavit from both parents (specimen at Annexure 'D' of the passport form) is required.
In case either of the parents holds a passport, copy of the same, along with affidavit from the other (specimen at Annexure 'D' of the passport form) is required. At column 22, affix the minor's signature or thumb impression.
In case the parents are abroad, an affidavit giving No Objection to the issue of passport to the minor should be counter-assigned by Indian Mission / Consulate abroad. If both parents have passports then it is mandatory to have spouses' name on each other's passport.
Fresh Papsport form with 7 photographs
Date of Birth proof : (Attested copy of CBSE X th Std. Certificate)
Attested copy of first five & last five pages of parents' passports. In the mother's passport, father's name should be mentioned and in father's passport mother's name should be mentioned.
Proof of residence (Attested copy)
Thumb impression of minor.
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