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Transport Info

Whatever be the mode of transport, travelling across India is always a thrilling experience in itself. It offers you a chance to try out some classics including steam locomotives, Enfield motorcycles and Ambassador cars. Choose whatever suits you best among trains, buses, air-carriers and get ready to have the time of your life.

By Train

Travelling by the train may not be as comfortable but is certainly as colorful and entertaining as it can be. Indian railways present a picture of frenetic and crowded world of trains carrying masses of people.

The railway network covers almost the entire country except a few places like Sikkim and Ladakh. Inter-city trains are slow by western standards but are faster than passenger trains.

Special super fast trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi run between major cities and cover the distance in as little as half the time.

Reservation offices are generally in a separate building and work every weekday. Some seats and births are set aside as tourist quota.

By Bus

Buses are convenient to reach places where trains do not ply and also to places like Rajasthan where they are simply faster than trains.

Services vary in price and standard. Private luxury buses usually cover popular trunk routes between large cities, towns and resorts.

Ordinary buses usually have uncomfortable seats with upright backs. Deluxe private buses have extra legroom, tinted windows and padded reclining seats.

By Air

Travelling by air saves a lot of time, though it is more expensive.

Delays and cancellations can whittle away the time advantage, especially over small distances.

The national internal carrier, Indian Airlines, serves 147 routes.

It is better to book your tickets through hotel or travel agents.

If you don't have confirmed tickets, be sure to get to the airport early and keep checking your position.

Even if you have confirmed seats, be sure to reconfirm before your flight.
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