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Insurance Info

An Overseas Mediclaim Policy is always recommended for people travelling abroad to cover medical expenses during the stay. It also comes with various other tangible offers - you can get details on Overseas Mediclaim Policy right here.

Overseas Mediclaim Policy

The Policy
Plan Options
Medical Test
Period of Insurance
Premium Chart

The Policy

Holiday Standard Cover & 'Videsh Yatra Mitra'

(The policy is available to people within the age group of 6 months - 70 years)

The overseas Holiday Standard Cover provides compensation for medical expenses for immediate treatment of diseases first contracted or injury first sustained, in-flight accident cover, and cover for the loss of passport during the insured period. These are subject to policy terms and conditions. The Videsh Yatra Mitra policy provides enhanced medical cover for the above mentioned cases. In addition, delay and total loss of checked baggage, loss of passport are also covered.

Plan Options

People above 70 yrs. can also avail the plans but their cases have to referred and the premium is more than the normal premium:

Plan A and F: Worldwide travel excluding USA and Canada

Plan B and G: Worldwide travel including USA and Canada

Plan E & H: Corporate Frequent Travel cover to all destinations including Canada.

Plan A, B & E: These standard covers comprise of medical expenses personal accident and loss of passport.

Plan F, G & H: Videsh Yatra Mitra Policy offers enhanced medical cover along with personal accident, hospitalization benefit, delay and total loss of baggage, loss of passport & personal liability covers.

Medical Test required (ECG and Diabetes Test) only if:

The proposer is travelling to North America and is above 40 years, or

The proposer is travelling to any other country and is above 60 years.


Citizens of the Republic of India and Non Indian Citizens residing in the India who are undertaking bonafide trips outside India for:
* Business and official purpose (Plan A, B, E, F, G & H)
* Holiday travel purpose (Plan A, B, F & G)
* People accompanying the person who is going abroad for official purposes will be treated as going under holiday travel.

Note: Reserve Bank Permit Number may not be insisted on at the time of filling the form.

Foreign Nationals Working in India.

Policy can be issued to foreign nationals working in India for Indian multinational organizations, receiving their salary in Indian Rupees, and also to executives' overseas official visits undertaken for benefit of the Indian employee.

Corporate Frequent Traveller (CFT - PLANS-E & H): An annual policy issued under plans 'E' & 'H' to the officials of the companies registered under Indian Companies Act, who are regularly travelling overseas.

CFT cover can also be granted to partners of registered partnership firm on the condition that they are travelling for business purposes.

CFT cover for spouse: CFT Policy can also be issued to the spouse of the insured person, collecting appropriate CFT premium.

Period of Insurance

The period of insurance commences on the first day of departure and expires on the last day as specified in the schedule, or on actual departure from India - whichever is earlier.

Extension of the period of insurance is automatic, and without extra charge if necessitated by delay beyond the control of the insured person.
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